Virginia Hubbell Associates provides catalytic grants management and consulting services to new and established family foundations. The firm has expertise in managing grantmaking programs in the arts, education, climate change/environment, mental health, integrative medicine and human services. It also provides staffing to unstaffed, or minimally staffed family foundations.

With over 30 years of experience in philanthropy, Virginia Hubbell brings vision and leadership to the development and refinement of grants programs.

The firm also specializes in working with teens and youth. The Connecting Project educates them on issues of the day, and develops their philanthropic voice for future work on the boards of their foundations and in their own lives. The Connecting Project Cousins Program brings family foundation youth together to create a bond with each other and the communities they live in as preparation for future board service together.

Connecting Project

The Connecting Project works with individuals, families, youth and teens to inspire the heart of giving and create direct connection with the people and the issues that demand attention in our global and local communities. The program provides participants the opportunity to learn about the issues and solutions of the day, meet with community leaders, and more deeply develop personal areas of interest.
The firm also specializes in working with teens and youth. Within The Connecting Project, youth are educated on the issues of the day, the role of non-profit organizations in our communities, and the development of their philanthropic voice for potential work on the boards of their foundations as well as in their own lives.