The Connecting Project-How It Works

The Connecting Project works with individuals, families, youth and teens to inspire the heart of giving and create direct connection with the people and the issues that demand attention in our global and local communities. The program provides participants the opportunity to learn about the issues and solutions of the day, meet with community leaders, and more deeply develop personal areas of interest.

The Connecting Project teaches the art of giving and provides the groundwork for community stewardship. Its goal is to educate, equip and inspire its participants to create and support sustainable change in our society.

We present an engaging and interactive educational experience, based on discussions that illuminate future philanthropy and community involvement.

In a hands-on, experiential way, The Connecting Project introduces the concept of giving back.

The Connecting Project workshops provide education about philanthropy, charitable organizations, and needs in our communities. We share strategic thinking, and connect participants with inspiring leaders who create impact and important change in our local and global community.

The workshops are personalized to meet the interests of individual participants.

The Cousins Program

The Connecting Project has a special Cousins Program that brings family foundation “cousins” together to create a bond with each other and the communities they all live in, as preparation for possible board service together and to share a lifetime of connected giving.

The relationship between cousins in a family is often special, and nurturing, with times together being treasured. Bringing cousins together brings families together. Family Foundations may depend on these future leaders to carry on the legacy of their foundations, yet often their family youth and teens do not enter board involvement until they are 18 or 21.

Virginia Hubbell Associates believes that youth, ages 6-18, have much to give to their foundations and to their communities. Experiential education and preparation for becoming responsible community citizens can occur during these years. The Cousins Program offers creative training in ways that are both fun and important to their future lives. When paired with their cousins, they can open their minds to the problems of the world, what they care about, and the tasks of foundation service ahead, while forging their own direction amongst their peers.

We bring together the cousins of family foundations to learn about the issues of the day; to discuss their role in making a difference; to define philanthropy in their own terms; and, to explore their passions and the needs in their communities. The cousins go on site visits together, share thoughts with each other on new and important topics, and then decide how they want to share their own time, talent and treasure with their local communities at home.

The program is stimulating and fun, geared toward young people and their way of learning. YouTube videos, music, various periodicals, and clippings from newspapers/magazines, and open discussions are utilized to stimulate interest. Most importantly this program is a fully participatory process. The cousins are in the drivers’ seat, while we educate, facilitate their interests, and inspire them to be leaders in their lives and in their communities.

We believe youth are among the most important change makers in society today. By the end of a Cousins Program retreat, they will feel this way as well.

We offer one to two day Cousins Program retreats at family foundation meetings and retreats, or at convenient times in association with family gatherings. We also do individual workshops.

Share the art of giving experience with family and friends

Expand opportunities to create social change

Connect with leaders in fields of interest

Develop a deeper sense of needs in your community

Expand your understanding about issues of the day and the world of philanthropy

Develop meaningful giving based on a philosophy of mutual benefit and partnership


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