About Us

Virginia Hubbell is President of Virginia Hubbell Associates, The Catalyst Group. She established her independent consulting practice in 1977 and since that time has specialized in the field of philanthropy. Virginia has worked as a consultant and in leadership positions with a number of private foundations and nonprofit agencies across the country. Her experience provides in-depth understanding of the challenges that face both foundations and the charitable organizations that request grant funds from them.

Virginia's breadth of experience allows her a unique perspective and the ability to provide objective, neutral advice and guidance to the people with whom she is working. Virginia has extensive work experience in many different types of foundations, including small and large family foundations, community foundations, corporate foundations, and government funding agencies. In addition, she has worked extensively in the management of nonprofit organizations. This experience provides a special understanding of the needs of both foundations and the non-profit organizations they fund.

Virginia's role as a catalyst is to help people bring their dreams to life. Her goal is to facilitate action that enables people "to do what makes their heart leap." Virginia has an inherent belief in the power of partnership. She believes there are many right ways of doing things. Her basic tenet is that diversity enriches life and collaboration expands opportunities. Virginia's business practices are based on the concept that philanthropy is most effective when the process is built on a philosophy of mutual benefit between donor and recipient.

For over a decade, Julie has collaborated with Virginia Hubbell on the start up of new foundations and the refinement of the work of existing foundations interested in invigoration and growth. She is skilled in managing the many administrative details associated with family foundation operations. She also provides expertise in research related to the foundationís grantmaking program and charitable interests of its board members.

Julie is a recognized philanthropic leader in working with youth, teens and young adults. Her passion is to help them realize their potential as agents of positive change in our society. Her focus is to inspire our next generation to be leaders in their own lives, and in their communities. Julieís experience with youth over two decades includes the design and teaching of youth and teen programs in the visual arts, nature, leadership, volunteerism, peer mentoring, and community giving.

The curriculum that Julie has created teaches leadership and philanthropy skills through relevant and creative educational materials that are specifically geared toward todayís teens. The Connecting Project and Cousins Program offered through Virginia Hubbell Associates serves youth in family foundations, family charitable trusts, community foundations, individual families, and non-profit agencies.